The title of this blog comes from Emily Dickenson’s verse:

Tell the truth, but tell it slant

…the truth must dazzle gradually

or every man be blind

I believe in truth…real true, truth…not the “if it’s true for you” silliness that seems to have gotten its ridiculous foot in the door.

Not to put too fine a philosophical point on it, I believe that truth is that which corresponds to reality.  It is real and it can be known; not always easily or in such a way that arrogant certainty can be maintained, but known nonetheless.

But true truth can so easily be missed if we are not careful to call attention to it creatively, subtly and lovingly.

I think that’s what Emily meant.

Craig is a Christian husband, father, author, speaker, professor, musician and pastor. He lives in Colorado with his bride of 20 years, their two daughters and a Golden Retriever that has issues.

Craig eeks out a living as an author, a pastor, a Christian speaker and a professor of New Testament and Theology at Denver Seminary. Craig is also the executive director of Shepherd Project Ministries, a non-profit organization devoted to equipping God’s people to dig deep into truth and reach wide into the world with relevant and transformational proclamations of the good news of Jesus Christ.

Find out more about Craig at his website.


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